Door To Door Shipping To Jamaica

Door to Door Shipping To Jamaica ? We Make it Easy.

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Import & Export.

Whether you are shipping to Jamaica or shipping from Jamaica whether a small parcel, a pallet or  a container, household or commercial commodities we can get it to your destination quickly and cost-effectively while saving you some money.

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Barrel Imports

If you happen to be shipping a barrel, our network of agents worldwide are at your service .We will pick up, clear them through customs  and deliver them to you.

Barrel Imports

International Relocation

We will provide comprehensive international moving service anywhere in the world you happen to be moving to or from. Just get in touch and we will take it from there.

International Relocation Service

Express Courier Service

We can offer next day and two day door to door service for that urgent document or package to and from many countries.


Express Courier service

Custom Brokerage

Whether its a full container, less than container load, returning resident or motor vehicle we will handle your customs clearance  quickly and efficiently. And we deliver too.

China to Jamaica

Shipping from China To Jamaica is  now so easy . Just have the items delivered to our warehouse and we will take it from there.

Be sure to avoid these mistakes when shipping from China

With Our Door To Door Service, We Will Pick up At Your Location Anywhere In The World And Drop Off At Your Destination.


Door To Door For Your Barrel Shipment To Jamaica

We can ship your barrel door to door whether from another country to Jamaica or from Jamaica to virtually anywhere in the world.

Packing A Barrel

We offer two means of transportation for shipping barrels door to door air freight and ocean freight. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Air freight

  • This is much faster in that you can receive your barrel in 1 to 5 days (depending on where it is coming from)
  • Air freight is usually more expensive
  • But if you request door to door then your barrel will be cleared through customs and delivered to your door real quick so it may be worth the added expense

Ocean freight

  • With this means of transport may take a little longer not only because the ship moves slower but also the consolidator in the exporting country may want to consolidate a container before sending out the shipment. However it is generally cheaper.

Points to consider

  1. If you are shipping a barrel and require our door to door service then it’s important to select the right type of container to move your content.
  2. If it’s a barrel we will help you with the available sizes and types. So you can make the best possible choice. We’ll also give you pointers on how to pack your barrel securely and we’ll check that your content is allowable in Jamaica.

Common barrel types

  • Plastic barrels or fiber board for dry goods
  • Bulk liquids in plastic or metal barrels or drums

Tips for packing and shipping barrel(s)

  • Size of items you’re putting in
  • content weight
  • Different content distribution
  • Required packing
  • The packing material to be used
  • Any insurance
  • Labelling correctly
  • Marking the barrel correctly
  • Length of journey (think of perishables here)
  • Proper shipping documentation
  • Marking the barrel correctly
  • Length of journey (think of perishables here)
  • Proper shipping documentation


"I remember when I had ordered my wedding dress late and asked OML to help me by getting it to me before the wedding with enough time to make adjustments and OML came through for me .Thanks OML!"

pacakages shipping from China to Jamaica

Shipping Your Parcels Door To Door

We  have partnered with a global leader in logistics  to pick up and deliver any size shipment anywhere in the world at rates superior to any other provider.Indeed the rates you get from us is even less than you would get by using their service directly.

We also provide expert packing service to protect your items during the journey ( you will not get that option with a regular courier service.) You would need to pack and prepare the items yourself.

In calculating the shipping rate we use the dimensional weight to arrive at the costs of the shipment .and your items can be delivered in 1 to 3 days depending on the service you elect and the destination.


Convenience Of Our Door To Door

There are some who choose to ship and clear their own barrels and arrange their own transport at both ends of their journey. It’s much easier to put the whole process into the hands of professionals who do it all day every day. Shipping door to door to Jamaica is something we’re proud of doing well.

Even with the best planned shipping issues can occur so we’re on hand to immediately work on and resolve them. More than that we’re available to check the correct completion of shipping documentation, work through customs clearance and ensure your contents are safely transported.

In handling your door to door shipping to Jamaica we provide you with:

  • Packing guidelines for door to door shipping to Jamaica
  • Customs clearance service
  • Storage (as required)
  • Delivery straight to your door
door to door shipping to Jamaica . Cargo delivered to door

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Door to door shipping represents our most convenient and cost effective service and is much more convenient and easier than if you have to get involved with the customs formalities, documentation, shipping carriers and other entities yourself. Got A question? Ask us!

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