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Our Shipping Schedule

Our Schedule

This is our schedule of out-bound shipment for now and the near future.

If you desire to be included in our schedule be sure to contact us by filling out the contact form below and one of our friendly shipping experts will be in touch shortly. If you want to be the first to know when shipment status is updated click the subscribe button .

Please note we have not included imports ,so if you need that information be sure to get in touch with us.

Shipment No.DestinationTypeStatusEst. DeptETAModeLocationPort
OML899426601st Jan01st Jan
OML212729801st Jan01st Jan
OML111854901st Jan01st Jan
OML570457901st Jan01st Jan
OML898722201st Jan01st Jan
OML351580301st Jan01st Jan
OML136851701st Jan01st Jan
OML992303601st Jan01st Jan
OML444056001st Jan01st Jan
OML409600601st Jan01st Jan
OML362490701st Jan01st Jan
OML412951001st Jan01st Jan
OML858812201st Jan01st Jan

For Faster service You May Send Your Message to Whatshap 876 819 2967

Or Telegram 876 819 2967.

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