Packing For International Shipping

Packing materials used for shipping

Packing to ship internationally, whether it's just a few items or a full container, effective packing requires the right type of materials. Consider the following packing material:

  • Corrugated Paper For larger pieces like furniture corrugated paper is best because of its strength and low cost note the use of stretch wrap to keep the corrugated paper in place and added protection. Packed like this there is virtually no chance of damage to items when they reach destination.
  • Foam Wrap Suitable for wrapping large pieces or fragiles also it varies in thickness from 1 mm to up to 9 mm. As the thickness increases so does the protection to the items. Foam wrap is more expensive than corrugated paper however it provides more protection for fragile items.
  • Bubble Wrap Very good for extremely fragile items. Bubble wrap is comprised of a bubble encapsulated cushion of air that absorbs the shocks that come with moving. We often combine bubble wrap and additional crating to provide optimal protection.
  • Other Packing Material Wrapping paper and packing peanuts are also used to pack depending on the item


International Packing And Shipping

Absolute care is exercised by our packing team who are experts at what they do.but if you decide to do it yourself so as to save some money then we recommend this article which explains how to pack your items for shipping

Our experienced team can assist you with packing and shipping preparations. We are here for any questions you might have just send us an email or call us 1-876-933 4110

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