Wherever In The World You Are We Can Ship Your Barrel To Jamaica

Shipping barrels to Jamaica need not be a  complicated process especially for those who live in remote areas and need their barrels shipped to Jamaica. We can pick up and ship your barrel with ease and have them in Jamaica in a jiffy .But not only that we can clear and deliver your barrel virtually anywhere in Jamaica you chose .

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Door To Door

We will pick up your barrel  at your door and deliver to door at destination  if you choose.

Customs Clearance

No need to suffer the inconvenience of going to the ports. We can handle the customs clearance for you and deliver your barrels to you

Shipping barrels to Jamaica made easier

We’ll help you decide the type of barrel you need. Its size and the total number of barrels you want shipped to Jamaica. We’ll also check your barrel contents are allowed to be shipped to Jamaica in the first place!

When shipping barrels to Jamaica we help make sure that your barrel is appropriate for your contents, usually:

  • Fiber board or plastic barrels for dry goods
  • Bulk liquids in plastic or metal barrels or drums
shipping barrels to Jamaica

Considerations when shipping a barrel to Jamaica

When you’re thinking of barrel shipping to Jamaica we help you to consider, the following:

  • Size of items in the barrels
  • Weight of the contents
  • Distribution of different content
  • Packing required
  • The packing material
  • Insurance
  • Appropriate labeling
  • Barrel markings
  • Transit time (think of perishables here)
  • Correct shipping documentation

This is a great article that will tell you what you need to know if you are shipping a barrel to Jamaica.



Barrel shipment handling

There are some who choose to ship and clear their own barrels. However, imagine how much more difficult it is to overcome issues from a distance

Issues that may arise and cause delays include incomplete, or even improper, shipping documentation. Time can be spent endless returning to ports or agencies and with time delays there are further storage costs and potential waste if you’ve perishables or contents that degrade.

When we handle your door to door shipping to Jamaica we provide you a full customs clearance service, appropriate storage and delivery from door to door.


If You Are Shipping Barrels To Jamaica

Our experienced team can assist you with packing and shipping preparations. We are here for any questions you might have just send us a Whatshap 876 819 2967 or call us 1-876-933-0607.

Packing guidelines before shipping barrels to Jamaica

When you pack your barrels pack and wrap items correctly. For example if you’re sending personal items you need to check that liquids, like lotions, are:

  • Tightly closed
  • Preferably have a screw cap
  • Bottle necks fastened with tape
  • Placed in a Ziploc bag

This ensures that if there’s a leak it won’t affect the rest of the contents of your barrel.

Place clothing and food in their own plastic bags to further protect them from spillages. Keep food away from cleansers, hairsprays and perfumes otherwise the gases such products give off can contaminate the food and ruin the taste. When shipping avoid putting foodstuff together in a barrel with these items. If it can’t be avoided separate the food from the other items by at least four inches of old blankets or towels.

Items that normally need refrigeration, or would require it in Jamaica, need special preparation and shipping. Talk to us for further information.
Make sure the barrels you ship are correctly labelled and correctly identify the contents. You need to highlight fragile items, bulk liquids and items that shouldn’t be tipped.

The barrels should be marked with the barrel count, any restrictions, such as “DO NOT ROLL” or “THIS WAY UP” and the shipper and the receiver information.
Obviously when shipping barrels to Jamaica it’s important to make sure the barrel marks and labels are clear and highly visible.

Frequently asked Questions When Shipping A Barrel To Jamaica.

Question: Do I have to pay customs duties?

Answer: Yes there is a minimum $6500 on a typical food and clothes barrel.

Question: I have other items like appliances and car parts in my barrel will I still pay $6500?

Answer: No, the items will be assessed by customs and duties determined.

Question: I paid for door to door will my items be examined?

Answer: Yes, all cargo are required  to be examined by customs, it’s the law of Jamaica

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