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Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Yes. We actually do as much or as little as you desire. We pack and prepare your items, prepare documentation, arrange to have your items cleared and delivered.

Yes. We offer shipping services anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter if you require importing or exporting of items. We have partners in almost every country.

Yes. Shipping involves many different steps and entities handling your items so it's important that you opt for insurance. Speak to your shipping consultant to determine the best package for you.

Yes. We actually process barrel shipments however it's not a major component of our business right now. We plan to provide full barrel shipment in March 2017 from anywhere in the world.

Yes. We also go a step further by providing you with detailed instructions and tips on how to pack yourself.

It depends. There are a lot of variables that can affect duties such as you entry status, type and value of your shipment and more. Speak to one of our shipping consultants for more information regarding duties.

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