Shipping From China To Jamaica

Ship From China Direct To Jamaica.

Combine Multiple Shipments and Save.
Free Warehouse Storage while You Consolidate.
Fast Shipping.

LCL Cargo

We can arrange to combine  your small shipments  into one shipment so you can save and have it shipped to your door in Jamaica

Container Shipping

If you happen to be shipping a container from China we can  offer very competitive rates for both 20 and 40 foot containers .

We Can Contact Your Vendor To Make Arrangements
We can make contact  with your vendor in China to help make the necessary arrangements to ship your cargo to Jamaica. Or if required we can identify, screen and qualify vendors for you .

You can arrange to have your cargo dropped off at the warehouse for consolidation for onward shipment to Jamaica. Consolidation saves cost by sharing the container. For that you sign up here.


Renewable Energy Items.

We can  ship your renewable energy items such as your solar panels, inverters etc Lithium ion batteries require special treatment so contact us beforehand.

Personnal Effects Shipping

We are able and willing to ship your personnal effects when others wont.  Just get in touch with us and we will take it from there.

If You Are Shipping From China To Jamaica, We Will Combine Your Shipments Into One And Ship Door To Door To Jamaica At One Low Rate .

Ship From China To Jamaica Without The High Price Tag

Save money by consolidating multiple purchases at our warehouse and ship once . Just speak to one of our shipping consultants for the details.


How It Works

  1. Simply Sign Up in our database you will receive the address as well as this ensures your cargo will be recognised when it reaches the warehouse
  2. Buy from your vendor of choice. Providing them with the address. Let us know the cargo is coming.
  3. Your items will be consolidated with other shipments and shipped to Jamaica. You save because all persons in the container share the charges.
  4. When cargo arrives in Jamaica, you can clear it yourself or we can , it all depends on you needs.


Air freight from china to jamaica

Air Freight Out Of China

Shipping your cargo by air out of China is a viable option for smaller type cargo or cargo which is time sensitive .Our shipping consultants will advise you as to the best option with respect to your cargo and needs.. It may not be as expensive as you think and its much faster by far.


Starting A New Business?

Our startup business program provides numerous benefits such as:

  • Duties and taxes  & port fees calculations so you will know what your total spend will look like.
  • Assistance in finding and vetting vendors
  • Free delivery of your cargo (conditions apply)
  • Lower rates for customs brokerage and other services


"I remember when I had ordered my wedding dress late and asked OML to help me by getting it to me before the wedding with enough time to make adjustments and OML came through for me .Thanks OML!"

Ocean Freight Out Of China

Ocean freight maybe sometimes cheaper and is better suited for large cargo however it takes much longer . But then there is the flexibility of consolidating many smaller pieces of cargo.

We ship from either Shanghai or Ningbho ports to Kingston.

We consolidate and ship every two weeks out of China but you can arrange to have your items shipped faster. Just let us know your needs.



Convenience Of Our Door To Door

There are some who attempt  to make all the shipping arramgements themselves  . It’s much easier to put the whole process into the hands of shipping professionals who do it all day every day. Shipping from China to Jamaica  is something we’re proud of doing well.

Even with the best laid plans, shipping issues can occur so we’re on hand to immediately work on and resolve them. More than that we’re available to check the correct completion of shipping documentation, work through customs clearance and ensure your contents are safely transported.


Shipping to Jamaica

Frequently Asked Questions When Shipping From China To Jamaica

How long will it take by ocean?

The transit time is between 35 to 50 days depending on the carrier and if its a direct sailing or indirect.

How long will it take by air?

Transit time by air can be as little as 3 days to as long as 2 weeks it also depends on the route  and carrier.

I plan to purchase from different suppliers can I consolidate and ship all at once?

Yes you can we can either pick up and take to our warehouse for consolidation or you can arrange delivery to the warehouse for consolidation.


Some tips to bear in mind when buying and shipping from China.

We prepared a list of pre- cautions you should bear in mind when buying in China . You can watch the video here  mistakes to avoid when shipping from China it will explain a lot of the mistake to avoid when buying in China.

1. Buying PPE's

If buying personal protective equipment,ensure your vendor has an export permit or the cost to ship these items will be more expensive.

2.Buying liquids and powder type items

If you are buying liquids or powder type items  ensure your vendor has a Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the product as well as a Dangerous Goods certificate as the carrier will need these in order to ship.

3 Machines that contain liquids

The same goes for machines that have liquids like fridges and so on.

4 Your invoices

Ensure you have proper invoices so your items can be cleared thru customs without hassle. It is also good to have proof of payment handy if asked. Jamaica Customs pay particular attention to items bought and shipped from China.

5.Counterfeit brands

Do your due diligence when buying branded items , ensure that the vendor is the legal owner of the brand name as you will face forfeiture of your items when they get to Jamaica.


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