Shipping From Jamaica To The UK

Shipping From Jamaica To UK Is What We Do.

Shipping from Jamaica to the UK ? We offer a range of services designed to fit your pocket no matter the size of your cargo . We pride ourselves on getting things done right the first time. Our customer service is second to none you will appreciate that once you engage our services.

LCL shipment

If you are shipping less than a container load from Jamaica to the UK, we offer a variety of shipping solutions designed to ship your cargo to the UK without the hassle and the high price tag.

Relocating To the UK

Relocating to the United Kingdom  is a breeze  once you engage our services  to relocate your possessions anywhere within the UK  Our partners will clear and deliver your items to wherever you wish .One less thing to worry about.

Express shipping

Just in case you need to ship your cargo quickly we express shipping service to  the United Kingdom . From your door in Jamaica to your door in the UK.

We Offer The Most Cost Effective Options For Your Small Shipments To The UK

Shipping From Jamaica To The UK By Air

Air freight presents a viable option when shipping a small quantity of cargo and is oftentimes more inexpensive than by ocean for the same quantity. Our partnerships with various air cargo carriers make shipping your items by air very convenient and affordable.

shipping from Jamaica to UK by air
Shipping from Jamaica to UK by ocean

Consolidated Ocean Cargo a Viable option

If you are not in a rush or you have bulky items you may consider our cargo consolidation to get your shipment from Jamaica to The United Kingdom. Here we consolidate your cargo with other co-loaders and each person shares the cost of the total container. We usually consolidate a container each month.

Relocating From Jamaica to The UK

If you are moving to the UK  from Jamaica it’s imperative that you choose the right international moving company. There is much at stake especially if you are shipping a partial or a full container, there is much to consider. For instance price alone should not be the sole criteria for determining who to choose. We advise our clients to look at the value offered. Once you make contact with us  the sequence of events flow like this:

  • We come and do a site inspection (so we can prepare an estimate)
  •  We will take your items to our warehouse to be packed On-site packing also available
  • Your items are shipped, cleared and delivered to your destination (if door to door)

Its important to take note of the status under which you will be entering the United Kingdom as each status has its

requirements and entitlements , you may need to apply for a ToR1  in order to receive relief from duties and VAT




Questions Frequently Asked By Persons Shipping From Jamaica To UK

Does everyone need a TOR1 to ship the UK?

Yes, if you are desirous of obtaining relief on import duties on your items entering the UK

Can I ship anything to the UK ?

No, there are items which are restricted and some are totally prohibited such as weapons, drugs , plant and animals and obscene items . Check the UK customs website  for more details

How long does the process of shipping my household to the UK takes ?

It depends on the size of your household however on average it can take 1-3 weeks to pack and prepare the items prepare and process documentation . The transit time is usually 21 days and upon arrival the customs clearance process can take between 1- 2 weeks

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